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WPA manages 18 surface lots throughout downtown Williamsport.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the WPA office located?

The WPA office is located at 270 West Third Street, Williamsport, PA 17701. The office can be reached via phone at (570) 323-6476.

Where do I pay for parking tickets?

The most convenient way to pay recent parking tickets is via our online payment page. Another way to may is in person at the WPA office located at 270 West Third Street, Williamsport, PA. Tickets can also be mailed in the self addressed orange envelopes enclosing the ticket. You may also drop the ticket in the fine boxes located on lots B, D, E, F, and L. If you mail your ticket or use the fine box, it is recommended you DO NOT send cash with the ticket. Please enclose a check or money order.

What forms of payment are accepted by WPA?

The WPA office accepts cash, check or money order, Visa, MasterCard and Discover for all fine, monthly permit, token, day pass and stamp transactions. If mailing your fine payments or dropping them in a fine box, payment by check or money order is recommended. It is NOT recommended you mail cash for payment. Fine payments can be made over the phone via credit card or our online payment page using your credit card, bank account, or PayPal account.

Which parking meter belongs to the stall I’m parked in?

All meters “on” or “off” street have an arrow on the meter face specifying which parking stall they are designated to.

How do I obtain a monthly parking permit?

Monthly parking permits are available from the WPA office. Persons wishing to purchase a monthly parking pass will need to provide their vehicle information including license plate numbers to obtain a permit. Permits are issued at the beginning of each month. Space availability is subject to change and lot placement is at the discretion of WPA. Permits can be paid on a monthly or annual basis.

What is the Autodebit program?

The autodebit program is offered by WPA to eliminate the hassle of monthly payments for our customers. Participants in the autodebit program have their monthly parking payment automatically drafted from their checking or savings account each month. Monthly parkers wishing to use this program should visit the WPA office. Autodebit participants receive a $2.00 discount on the monthly rate.

Where do I park for Jury Duty?

Persons reporting for Jury Duty should park in the Third Street Parking Garage across from the Trade and Transit Center. When entering the garage, patrons will push the black button to receive a ticket to allow them access to the garage. Jurors will need to receive a “Chaser Ticket” from the bailiff at the courthouse. When exiting the garage, the juror will need to insert the entry ticket first, followed by the “Chaser Ticket”. It is recommended jurors DO NOT park their vehicles on street or in the Church Street Transportation Center unless instructed by WPA staff.

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