Minutes – 06-21-23

JUNE 21, 2023

The regular meeting of the Williamsport Parking Authority
(the “Authority”) was held on June 21, 2023, pursuant to legal
notice. The meeting was held in the Authority’s office at 270 West
Third Street, Williamsport, PA. The meeting was brought to order
by the Chairman at 5:00 P.M. Members of the Authority in
attendance were Ned Roush, Dr. Anthony Cipolla, Jared Kinley, and
Shawn Reams. Others in attendance were Dave Kish (WPA), Nicole
Farr (RVTA), Todd Wright (RVTA) and Scott T. Williams and
Zachary M. DuGan (Solicitors).

The Chairman asked the Authority members if they had
reviewed the Minutes of the meeting of May 17, 2023. Mr. Kinley
made a motion to approve the Minutes as written. The motion was
seconded by Dr. Cipolla and passed by unanimous vote.

Financial Report
Mr. Wright gave the financial report for the period from
January 1, 2023, to May 31, 2023. He noted that there was
$100,000 in total revenue for the preceding month. Mr. Wright
indicated that all expenses are below budget. Mr. Wright explained
that there has been $219,331 in expenses. Mr. Wright indicated the
bank balance was $440,011 and outstanding debt is $183,207 for
the mortgage note and $4,467,655 for the Woodlands Bank bond.
Finally, Ms. Farr noted that the City of Williamsport has an
outstanding balance of approximately $2,228,113.85 that is
currently owed to the Authority for Authority debt that went to the
City. Dr. Cipolla made a motion to approve the Financial Report.
The motion was seconded by Mr. Roush and passed by unanimous

Old Business
Enforcement Software
Mr. Kish reported on the new enforcement
software/equipment upgrade. Training on the new software will
start at the beginning of July and the software will go live at the
end of August or beginning of September. Mr. Kish indicated there
could be a delay in when the software goes live due to a data
migration backlog. There was a discussion on archiving old data
from existing software.

Exterior Painting

Mr. Kish did not have an update on the exterior painting for the building.

New Business
Garage Rate Survey
Mr. Kish provided a garage rate survey. There was a discussion regarding beginning
the rate increase for on street parking to $0.75 per hour at a later date. Parking in garages to
remain at $2.00 for the first hour and $1.00 an hour after.
Lot Repair
Mr. Kish reported on lot repairs. Lot F is currently in need of approximately
$47,800 worth of repairs, mostly comprised of paving. There was a discussion on the
capital budget of $88,000 and the revenue coming in from Lot F. Mr. Wright will provide
a scope of work for bidding on the lot repair project.
For the Good of the Order
Authority Debt

Dr. Cipolla noted the Authority’s ongoing difficulty meeting certain debt
obligation payments. There was a discussion related to the benefits conferred by the
Authority upon the City and the need to recover the cost of those benefits.

First Friday

Mr. Roush raised a question about blocking William Street during First Friday to
allow use of the parking lot. A brief discussion followed. No action was taken.

Parking Passes

A discussion of making different “levels” of parking passes available took place. The
Authority discussed potential problems with issuing parking passes allowing residents to
park in any lot and on the street. No action was taken.

There being no further business to come before the Authority, the meeting
was adjourned at 6:10 P.M.



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