Minutes – 09-21-22

September 21, 2022

The regular meeting of the Williamsport Parking Authority was held September 21,
2022 pursuant to legal notice. The meeting was held in the Authority’s office at 270
West Third Street, Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The meeting was brought to order by
the Chairman at 5:07 p.m. Members of the Authority in attendance were Dr.
Anthony Cipolla, Jared Kinley, Tony Nardi and Ned Roush. Others in attendance were
Adam Winder (RVTA), Dave Kish (WPA) and Scott T. Williams (Solicitor).

The Chairman asked the Authority members if they had had the opportunity to
review the Minutes of the meeting of July 20, 2022. Mr. Roush indicated that there
was an error in the Minutes concerning his discussion with the Mayor regarding
funds to do work in the Third Street deck. The Minutes as presented indicate that
the Mayor told Mr. Roush that the gates would not qualify for public safety funding.
Mr. Roush corrected that statement to indicate that the gates may qualify for public
safety funding if the Authority does not have any funds of its own to pay for those
improvements. Dr. Cipolla made a motion to accept the Minutes as corrected by Mr.
Roush. That Motion was seconded by Mr. Kinley and passed by unanimous vote.

Mr. Kish indicated that the gates for the Third Street decks have been ordered. Mr.
Roush confirmed that the adjoining property owners were anxious to have the gates
installed and that the Authority appeared to be on course to meet their
expectations in that regard. Mr. Kish reported on the current status of the County’s
request for free parking in the deck. He reported that the County is currently
requesting forty-three (43) spaces in the Church Street deck. A meeting has been
scheduled for September 26, 2022 at Executive Plaza. All members are invited to

The Chairman asked for a proposal for holiday parking for 2022. Mr. Kish indicated
that last year the Authority stopped enforcement after 3:00 p.m. from Thanksgiving
to Christmas Day for surface lots and on street parking. Enforcement continued in
the decks. After some discussion, Dr. Cipolla made a motion to do the same holiday
parking procedure in 2022 as was done in 2021. The motion was seconded by Mr.
Kinley and passed by unanimous vote.

Mr. Kish presented documentation in the form of three quotations for the Third
Street garage standpipe test. The quotations were received from ICON Fire
Solutions, Johnson Controls, and Susquehanna Sprinkler. The Authority discussed
the fact that the proposals vary significantly in price. After some discussion, Dr.
Cipolla made a motion to approve the

proposal from ICON Fire Solutions in the amount of Five Hundred Ninety-Five Dollars
($595.00). The motion was seconded by Mr. Nardi and passed by unanimous vote.

Dr. Cipolla raised the issued regarding parking around City Hall. The Authority
discussed the fact that there are no meters and that it appears to be a free parking
area. No action was taken.
Dr. Cipolla inquired if any of the Authority members had a suggestion for a new
member. The Authority some possibilities and potential members will be contacted.

Mr. Kinley raised a question regarding hiring an additional enforcement office. The
Authority discussed the fact that our current enforcement office found someone
who would be interested in performing the job. The Authority discussed the
availability of funds to cover the costs of an additional enforcement officer. There
was some discussion about hiring someone to be a part-time enforcement officer
and part-time maintenance employee. The matter was tabled until the next

Mr. Roush raised a concern regarding parking on First Fridays when the streets are
closed. The issue concerns people that are parked on the closed streets and not
moving their vehicles in a timely manner. In course of the discussion, it was
indicated that the streets are closed at approximately 3:00 p.m. and there is to be
no parking on those closed streets until they are opened up again. The Authority
discussed towing vehicles that are not removed from the closed streets for the First
Friday activities. The process involves attaching signage to parking meters
indicating that vehicles that are not moved will be towed. It was also discussed that
the enforcement for that signage comes from a Proclamation from the Mayor. Staff
was asked to have some signs available for the next First Friday.

The Authority went to executive session at 5:43 p.m. to discuss leases. The
Authority reconvened at 6:00 p.m. for adjournment only.


APPROVED: ______________________________________

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