Minutes – 12-14-2022

DECEMBER 14, 2022
The regular meeting of the Williamsport Parking Authority was held on December 14,
2022 pursuant to legal notice. The meeting was held in the Authority’s office at 270 West Third
Street, Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The meeting was brought to order by the Chairman at 5:18
p.m. Members of the Authority in attendance were Dr. Anthony Cipolla, Jared Kinley and Ned
Roush. Others in attendance were Dave Kish (WPA), Nicole Farr (RVTA), Bethany Jones (RVTA),
Todd Wright (RVTA) and Scott T. Williams (Solicitor).
The Chairman asked the Authority members if they had had the opportunity to review the
Minutes of the meeting of November 16, 2022. Mr. Roush made a motion to approve the Minutes as
written. Mr. Kinley seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous vote. Mr. Wright and Ms.
Farr presented the Authority budget for 2023. They indicated that there were some issues on the
revenue side and that some revisions would have to be made. They would circulate revised numbers
within a week of the meeting. Mr. Kish discussed the revenue breakdown as indicated in the budget.
He indicated that lot revenue had exceeded the 2022 budget but that straight income had not. The
Authority discussed whether or not the rates for on-street parking needed to be raised. Mr. Kish noted
that street fines were down in 2022. Ms. Farr discussed the expense side of the budget with the
Authority. No action was taken due to the expectation for revised revenue numbers.
Mr. Kish presented the meeting date schedule for 2023. Mr. Kinley made a motion to approve
the meeting dates as presented. Dr. Cipolla seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous vote.
Mr. Kish reported on a proposal to change mobile payments. He indicated that the payment
app is being changed to Flow Bird for mobile payments. Mr. Kish proposed that the street meters be
set up to take mobile payment. Mr. Kish wants the kiosk and street meters to be serviced by the same
mobile payment company. The Authority discussed the significant cost of providing for mobile meter
payments and asked Mr. Kish to look into the matter further. No action was taken.

There being no further business to come before the Authority, the meeting was adjourned at
6:00 p.m.




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