Minutes – 03-15-2023

March 15, 2023
The regular meeting of the Williamsport Parking Authority was held on March 13,
2023 pursuant to legal notice. The meeting was held in the Authority’s office at 270 West Third
Street, Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The meeting was brought to order by the Chairman at 5:10
p.m. Members of the’ Authority in attendance were Dr. Anthony Cipolla, Jared Kinley and Ned
Roush, and Tony Nardi. Others in attendance were Dave Kish (WPA), Nicole Farr (RVTA),
Bethany Jones (RVTA), Todd Wright (RVTA) and Scott T. Williams and Zachary DuGan
The Chairman asked the Authority members if they had reviewed the Minutes of the
meeting of January 18, 2023. It was noted that there had been no meeting in February due to
lack of a quorum. Dr. Cipolla made a motion to approve the Minutes as written. The motion was
seconded by Mr. Nardi and passed by unanimous vote.
Mr. Wright gave the financial report for the period from January 1, 2023 to February 28,
2023. He indicated that revenue was above both budget and last years figures. Expenses were
both under budget and below last year’s figures. Mr. Wright attributed the low expense figures to
the fact that we have had very little snow removal expense this season. Mr. Wright noted that the
bank balance was $415,657.00 and that the outstanding balances on the Bond and Note were
$4.3 Million and $184,457.00 respectively. There was discussion regarding the audit for 2019
forward. The Authority agreed that the audit should be conducted by RKL who is also auditing
the River Valley Transit records. The Authority discussed the need for an Engagement Letter
which Ms. Farr indicated she would try to secure. Mr. Nardi made a motion to approve the
financial report as given. The motion was seconded by Mr. Roush and passed by unanimous
Mr. Kish noted that the state ethics forms were all in.
Dra Cipolla asked whether any conferences had been scheduled. Mr. Wright indicated that
there would be a May conference in Lancaster for the Pennsylvania Parking Association. Dr.
Cipolla invited any Authority members who wanted to attend to do so. No commitments were
made at this time.
Mr. Kish presented a proposal by Up Safety for new enforcement materials including both
hardware and software. He noted that the Authority is currently down to two handheld units for
enforcement and that parts for repairing those units are no longer available. Mr. Kish described
the new equipment as having a camera, being able to do e-chalk, allowing customers to make
immediate payments by phone and would eliminate PayPal from the payment process.
He further indicated that the cost for annual maintenance is $7,600.00 and that the initial
expense would be approximately $15,000.00 for two handhelds, software, implementation, etc.
After discussing the need for this update, and after discussing the bidding requirements, the
Authority authorized staff to proceed with telephone bidding.
Mr. Wright presented a handout showing monthly stormwater fees assessed to the
Authority in the amount of $955.00. There was discussion regarding these fees and everyone
concluded that there wasn’t much the Authority could do to avoid them.
Dr. Cipolla asked about the meeting between Williamsport Properties, Mr. Kish and the
Solicitor. Mr. Kish described the conversation at that meeting since there was no one there from
the Authority who could commit to any specific action. Mr. Kish indicated that he made it clear
to Mr. Klingerman that the Parking Authority is clearly distinguished from RVT and that the
Parking Authority could not do anything about parking in the Church Street deck.
After some discussion regarding the current status, no action was taken.
Mr. Nardi asked whether any improvements had been made to Lot G where the
Grower’s Market is held. It was confirmed that the improvements had not been made.
Specifically, the Grower’s Market was requesting electrical power and restrooms. There was
comment that electrical power was being provided in some areas but that it did require the
running of extension cords. Mr. Nardi indicated that he would talk to the Mayor about
availability of funds for those improvements.
There being no further business to come before the Authority, the meeting was adjourned
at 5:50 p.m.


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