Resident Parking Permits

WPA is now issuing Resident Parking Permits for the City of Williamsport. These permits are required to park in the signed “Resident Parking Only” areas of the City. These areas require a permit to be displayed from August 15th through May 31st.

Residents that would like to obtain a permit must visit the WPA office at 270 West Third Street to submit an application. Proof of residency and a valid vehicle registration for each vehicle (maximum of 2 resident permits per dwelling) is required. Guest permits are also available, with a maximum of 2 guest permits available per dwelling. A fee of $1.00 per permit will be charged at issuance.

Pay Permit Online

Parking Permit Application

Contractor Parking Permits

In order to provide more convenient parking for contractors working on jobs located in the Williamsport Central Business District, a contractor may apply for a contractor parking permit through the Williamsport Parking Authority. Eligibility requirements are (1) vehicles must be registered to, or leased (through a leasing business with a leasing contract) by a contractor (2) the contractor must have the proper business privilege license, must be registered with the City of Williamsport and must have a building permit for the jobsite they are requesting the contractor permit for and (3) there are no unpaid parking violation fines for the vehicle.

A contractor parking permit is a placard that is placed visibly in the windshield of a vehicle indicating its use for contractor services. When a vehicle is displaying a valid contractor parking permit while performing contractor services, the vehicle may be parked without restriction to time limit or payment of “on” street parking meter fees, without restriction on streets where parking is time limited, or in loading zones/truck loading zones for up to four hours. The Williamsport Parking Authority reserves the right to limit the location where contractor parking permits will be honored. A complete list of parking regulations regarding the contractor parking permit is attached.

Permit Fees

  • The contractor permit cost is $35.00. A contractor may apply for 2 permits at one job site.
  • The permit is valid for one month from the date of issuance.
  • The permit may be transferred between vehicles, however the permit will only be honored on the vehicle which it is displayed in.

Contractor Permit Application

Approval is contingent upon the determination that the contractor parking permit is being requested for a contractor vehicle while providing contractor services only. The Williamsport Parking Authority reserves the right to remintate the permit at any time.

Parking Locations

Vehicles displaying a contractor parking permit may legally park in the following zones and spaces without observing the zone regulations:
  • Time Limited Parking Areas
  • Metered Spaces
  • Loading and Truck Loading Zones (Maximum of Four Hours)
The permit will be honored in a one block radius of the job site, which will be designated by the Williamsport Parking Authority.

Ticketing Information

Vehicles will be ticketed when parked in the following areas:
  • No parking Anytime Zone
  • Temporary Prohibited Parking Areas
  • Handicap Parking Stalls
  • No Parking This Side of Street
  • No Parking Here to Corner
  • At Fire Hydrants
  • At Crosswalks
  • On Sidewalks